Sokoban Online Puzzle Logic Game

Welcome to the Classic Sokoban world!

Sokoban is an old-school logic puzzle video game from Japan of 80s, widely available online.

With us you can play on mobile, tablet and desktop easily and comfortable. Use the touch screen here as easy as a mouse or keyboard. Do long walk with just single touch or click a position you aim.

Nice graphics and no seconds ticking make the gameplay comfortable to your eyes and let you easily concentrate on solving a puzzle.

Tons of levels from trivial to death hardness. Many of game collections at a single place.

Your progress on solving always saved on your device so you can can close your browser and re-open tomorrow and continue to solve the puzzle.

No registration or any payments needed to run all the levels!

I'm a web developer and I dive sometimes to Sokoban in order to relax my abstract brain and train my creative thinking.